High Quality Heat Treating Made Simple

The patented VakPak65 System of heat treating uses a unique 309 stainless steel foil container and wraps to provide a protective sheath and to automatically neutralize the entrapped atmosphere. 

Formerly known as Sen/Pak® and used by metal tool makers the world over, these lightweight VakPak65 containers heat more rapidly than the work piece. As a result, the undesirable elements in the entrapped atmosphere react with the VakPak65 container long before the work piece is hot enough to be damaged by them. The VakPak65 container acts as a protective barrier, not just during heating, but throughout the entire hardening and quenching operation. 

In addition to the pre-made containers, VakPak65 is also available in a variety of wrap sizes. The wrap functions in much the same way as the containers, delivering the same effective performance with sizing flexibilty. Wraps are made from the same 309 stainless steel, ideal for all your high-temperature hardening tasks.

Whether you choose containers or wraps, VakPak65 offers high value, with surprisingly effective vacuum-like performance at an economical price. 

The VakPak65 System is ideal for many tool steel hardening applications when an atmosphere furnace is not available. Applications include the hardening of small pieces of molybdenum high speed steels.

Heat Treating Wrap